Supporters of the Libraries,

Thank you for doing your part to help save the Miami-Dade Libraries. During the early morning hours of 9/20/2013, the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners voted 11-2 which ordered the approval of the budget and upheld their decision on the Amendment to Item E, the full funding of the libraries by means of Carry-Over, Reserves and/or Contingencies.

Thank the citizens who supported this cause.
Thank the brave librarians who worked hard keep our libraries open.
Thank your commissioners for listening and for voting to save our libraries.
Thank you to the two graduate students who created this Facebook movement from thousands of miles away. They fought for this cause through social media while the librarians and citizens campaigned in person.

Support the Friends of the Library with their Ten by Ten challenge let’s make that happen!

Be sure to thank your commissioner for their vote! Now is the time to send out your appreciation for what they have done!

The battle for the libraries, however, is far from over. Continue to “Like” the Save the Miami-Dade Public Libraries Facebook Page to receive updates as we as we prepare for the next phase of this campaign. 

Because of your efforts, we were able to #saveourlibraries

- Save the Miami-Dade Public Libraries Campaign


A Victory in Miami-Dade


As a true testament to the value of advocacy, Miami-Dade County Library board of commissioners met last night and restored funding to the libraries after a large public outcry of library supporters.  These supporters were rallied and led to fight for the cause in part by your generous support.  This support allowed EveryLibrary to activate the citizens of this large Florida County and we want to tell you how it was achieved.

Online Advocacy

While there wasn’t time for an effective on the ground campaign, Everylibrary was able to help Miami-Dade engage the community largely through Ad-Buys on Facebook.   The ads, which you helped to fund, went to activate citizens to Save The Miami-Dade County Library and played out like this.  By targeting 340,000 potential FB users in the county we helped reach 68,675 of them in just 71 hours, which is an incredible rate of return.  Of those reached, 1,849 clicked through to the post and 1,163 did something after clicking.  Many times these links were shared or people went to the call to action website for ways to reach their Commissioners drastically increasing our reach.

This was all done through your support in about 72 hours and this is just one of the ways that EveryLibrary is working to support libraries in crisis.

What happens next?

While the good news is that Miami-Dade will support the library with funds from its reserve for the next year, we need to understand that this is not a sustainable model of library funding.  In fact, unless Miami-Dade overhauls the way it funds and runs the libraries between now and next year, commissioners will have to cut services or hike the property-tax rate in 12 months.  This means that we only won the battle and the next fight will gear up as next year’s budget is developed.  We are going to need your support again.

What can you do?

If you want to support Miami-Dade, we highly encourage you to like their Facebook page and follow the news as things continue to develop.  We will also be reporting on what happens next on the EveryLibrary Facebook page and Twitter stream.

Of course, as always, you can help EveryLibrary fund these fights by contributing, and encouraging your friends, family, and library supporters to contribute to our organization at

A huge thank you goes to EveryLibrary!